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50cc Scooters starting at $879.

 Scooters- call or email for color availability

Call or email for information about road legal scooters! We sell only the 50cc scooters that you may drive on North Carolina roads with NO drivers license. 

Electric L Scooter         Original Price: $699     While supplies last Sale Price: $549

Lscooters are the hot new item for this Christmas!! These push button for ON/OFF electric scooters come in Red, Blue, Black, White, Gold and Pink. They have a 36v battery that lasts up to 10 miles or 3hrs and takes about 2 hrs to fully charge. They travel at a max speed of 9.3 miles and hour. They have a self balancing technolgy that allows you to travel by simply dispersing your weight on the pads. They weigh about 25lbs and have a max loading capacity of 250lbs.  Call for wholesale pricing